Welcome to F1Design.US  …my little spot on the web. This site is dedicated to various DIY projects I have going on. I am very interested in Online Racing Simulations from rFactor to CodeMasters F1 series and even on legacy games from EA and GP Legends.
I am an avid fan of the technical side of Formula One and the constant use of cutting edge technologies. I got interested in F1 in the 80’s and have had a serious passion for it since the late 90’s. My first racing game was Ferrari F355 Challenge for the Sega Dreamcast. That is the game that started me on the path of building my own cockpit. The first sim consisted of a race seat and an off the shelf wheel and pedal set.
Over time I outgrew the console games and moved to the PC where there is a lot more variables and modifications to play with. I am running a few different mods for rFactor but I am currently enjoying Game Stock Car Extreme. Also I have been enjoying the new look and feel of Code Masters F1 series and look forward to it getting better with each release.
I have to also note that Race Sim Central was a huge component in my early days and I hope that in time the community will return to this site and build it up  to the database of knowledge it once was. I have tried to include as much information as I have from my builds here, since most was lost when RSC went down.
Take a look around the site and you will find lots of topics dealing with Formula One, Sim Racing and other projects I have going on. I do a bit of scale modeling, RC aircraft, and when I have time continue to enjoy photography.
I will post photo sets of the things I have going on and places I have been when I can. Updates will happen, but randomly as time allows. The latest trick I have been playing with is the DIY CNC machine I built...you can see and read all about it in the My Projects section.
As far as services that I offer I do a fair amount of PCB design and repair in my spare time. I also repair a lot of different electronics on the Ferrari road cars from the last 3 decades. I am a CAE engineer by trade with an electrical / semiconductor background so if there is something you need or want to know about anything I have built, repaired ,modded, or designed  just ask.... Enjoy your stay!

Oh...one last thing to make my attorney happy...read this Disclaimer